Ring around the nevus

A healthy adolescent boy is dragged by his concerned mother to your office for evaluation of several moles with surrounding white rings (figure1) . She noticed the asymptomatic lesions on her son’s back several days ago following a trip to the beach. What's the diagnosis?

Early recalcitrant persistent zits

You are asked to see a 9-year-old girl with a history of asymptomatic erythematous papules on her chin and cheeks (fig. 1). She has been compulsive about applying tretinoin 0.05% cream nightly and washing with benzoyl peroxide for 4 months, and she and her mother see no improvement. She is health, and growing and developing normally. What's the diagnosis
fig. 1

Progressive papulopustular periorificial process

An unhappy mother tells you that she is not leaving the office until you make her daughter’s face normal again. The healthy 11-year-old girl has had an asymptomatic slowly progressive eruption which started around her mouth 3 years ago and spread around her nose and eyes over the last year. What’s your diagnosis?

Annoying neck nodules in an adolescent boy

A healthy adolescent boy asks you to cure an itchy rash on the nape of his neck, which started over a year ago when he switched barbers. (fig. 1).