Covered with ringworm?

You are asked to evaluate a toddler who has been covered with ringed plaques for 2 months. His exasperated mother has watched the eruption progress despite treatment with topical antifungal creams. The asymptomatic lesions are generalized but most prominent on the extensor surfaces of his arms and flexural surfaces of his legs. What's the diagnosis?

Flea-bitten baby

You are called to the emergency room to calm a panicked mother with a healthy 9-day old baby who awoke this morning with disseminated pustules (figures 1-3). What’s the diagnosis?

A red scaly baby

A frantic mother brings her 6-week-old daughter to you for evaluation of a generalized scaly eruption which has blossomed over the last 10 days (Fig.1, 2). The baby is thriving and asymptomatic, and the skin lesions have defied therapy with topical antibiotics, topical antifungals, and emollients. What's the diagnosis?

Out, out, damn'd spot!

You are called to the emergency room to calm some panicked parents who brought their healthy 2-year old boy in for evaluation of black spots on his legs which were noted when he awoke this morning (fig. 1). It seems that his younger brother developed similar black spots later this morning. The boys are healthy and the lesions are not symptomatic. What’s the diagnosis?

“The worst atopic dermatitis of my life”: a True Dermatologic Emergency

You are called to the emergency room to see an ill looking 13-year-old boy with a severe flare of his atopic dermatitis associated with fever, malaise, and chills for the last week. What’s the diagnosis?

Ring around the rosey

A 10 year-old girl was evaluated for a peculiar annular eruption on her hands and feet following treatment for warts 6 weeks ago (fig.1).

Annoying neck nodules in an adolescent boy

A healthy adolescent boy asks you to cure an itchy rash on the nape of his neck, which started over a year ago when he switched barbers. (fig. 1).