Fat lip in a teen

This 15-year boy complains that the left side of his lower lip has been swollen for 6 months. Although he has a history of Crohn’s disease, he has no bowel symptoms and is growing normally. What’s the diagnosis?

More than ugg(ly) feet

A 6-year-old girl with peeling soles is your first urgent patient of the day (fig 1). Although the peeling is not usually symptomatic, her feet become cracked, fissured, tender, and occasionally infected during the middle of the winter and summer when the eruption is at the worst. She is in the midst of her summer flare, when she can only wear her soft loose-fitting Uggs, and her mother won’t leave the office until you have the answer! What's he diagnosis?
fig. 1

Progressive papulopustular periorificial process

An unhappy mother tells you that she is not leaving the office until you make her daughter’s face normal again. The healthy 11-year-old girl has had an asymptomatic slowly progressive eruption which started around her mouth 3 years ago and spread around her nose and eyes over the last year. What’s your diagnosis?

Covered with ringworm?

You are asked to evaluate a toddler who has been covered with ringed plaques for 2 months. His exasperated mother has watched the eruption progress despite treatment with topical antifungal creams. The asymptomatic lesions are generalized but most prominent on the extensor surfaces of his arms and flexural surfaces of his legs. What's the diagnosis?

Flea-bitten baby

You are called to the emergency room to calm a panicked mother with a healthy 9-day old baby who awoke this morning with disseminated pustules (figures 1-3). What’s the diagnosis?